GP, Physician Associates & Social Prescriber

GPs & Physician Associates

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Our GPs have dedicated number of sessions at the practice, offering continuity of care to our patients. Each GP can tend to have their own particular clinical interests, which can complement each other as a team.  We also have some Sessional GPs who do Adhoc sessions at the practice. Our GPs are dedicated to support patients in the management of long-term conditions through traditional medicine and innovative approaches.

You are welcomed to book with any GP of your choice, but this is subject to availability.

For more urgent problems, it is less likely that the practice can offer your choice of doctor at short-notice and you are more likely to have contact with the on-call GP at that time.

Members of the GP Team are:

Dr Ananthy Karunalingam (F)

M.S.S.A (London), L.R.C.S (ENG), L.R.C.P (LONDON)

Dr Aparna Pal (F)


Dr Sipra Guha (F)

Dr Ghassan AL-Joubory (M)

Dr Wasim Ahmed (M)


Physician Associates (PA)

Ms Janani Shanmugalingam  (f)

PGDip Physician Associate Studies

Mr Dwayne Lewis (m)

PGDip Physician Associate Studies

Ms Thadchagini Balakumar (f)

PGDip Physician Associate Studies



Mr Joseph Mccarthy (m)

Social Prescribing Services